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Our Process

When you first come into our clinic for hair transplantation:

  • Your hair follicles will be analysed. 

  • The type of your hair follicles will be checked.

  • With the laser device, the most suitable hairline for your face, forehead, and age will be designed.

  • By using the Ice Cell method with the sapphire blade, the latest innovation in hair transplantation, we maintain the efficiency of the taken grafts during the waiting period. This gives more successful results in hair transplantation.

  • You will go to the operation room prepared for you, where everything is disposable and sterile.

  • Blood tests are applied in the operating room. In addition, blood sugar and blood pressure are measured.

  • After these measurements, if everything is proper, we will shave your hair and your operation will officially begin.

  • First of all, your hair follicles will be taken one by one.

  • Then the grafts will be cleared and kept in a special solution in a cold environment to help them grow strong and dense after transplantation.

  • Your grafts will then be separated according to hair strands (1,2,3,4) and we will plan the appropriate area for each strand.

  • After the root removal and counting process is completed, the channels will be opened with a sapphire blade by giving an angle according to the thickness of the hair follicles and the direction of the hair. Hair roots will then be placed inside.

Before the hair transplantation, there is a free consultation and free hair analysis, for price and more information click the button below.

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Este Prime Clinic, having 12 years of health sector background, including 7 years working on hair transplantation. We helped thousands of customers to achieve their dream image.

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