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Unshaved Hair Transplantation with DHI Method for Women

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Hair is an important source of self-confidence and image for both men and women.

The hair problems cause baldness for men, thinning for women respectively.

The hair loss problem starts happening from age 25 until 40 intensively because of genetic reasons, some specific illnesses, and the way you live. After 40 age, the hair loss generally stops.

Nowadays, hair loss is not a problem anymore. With the latest hair transplantation techniques, it’s possible to regain the lost hair and to have the image you dream of.

During the procedure, healthy hair follicles are moved from the nape and relocated to the area of the head that is thin or bald. The operation requires expertise and high clinical standards and generally lasts 8 hours.

For men, we recommend hair transplantation after shaving. However; because women can be disturbed by the shaving of all hair, we recommend our female clients the DHI hair transplantation method which can be performed without shaving.

What is the DHI technique? How is it implemented?

DHI ( Direct Hair Implant) is being performed with the DHI implanter, the specially designed tool for hair transplant and hair loss treatment.

First, the area for transplantation and the number of grafts needed are determined by analyzing the area of the head that is thin or bald and the donor area. Afterward, the nape is shaved and donors are extracted with the FUE method. At the same time, extracted grafts are put in special DHI implanters. Grafts are injected in thinning areas by using them.

The next day after the operation, the first washing and medical dressed are applied.

What are the advantages of DHI method?

· The most important advantage of this method is that it makes possible the hair transplantation process without shaving.

· Because there is no scar after the operation, the results look natural and undetectable. After 2 weeks, the head looks completely cured.

· The recovery process is very fast.

Disadvantages -It’s not recommended for the higher amount of grafts. If the grafts needed are more than 3500, it is hard to finish the operation in one day. While classical FUE methods can be performed by 3 people, DHI can be implemented only by one person. For this reason, a maximum of 3500-4000 grafts can be located with this technique.

Because it the latest technology developing for 2 years, there aren’t a lot of professionals having sufficient experience in this technique. You need to search for a good professional for it.

We recommend women 2500-3000 grafts maximum. If it is necessary to transplant high amount of grafts, we recommend you shave your hair. Because Safir FUE Hair Transplantation technique, like DHI, does not leave a scar on the head, it can also be preferred. In the Safir Hair Transplantation method, the head is cleaned on the next day of the operation and after 2 weeks, your head feels completely natural. Nonetheless, It’s an undeniable fact that the head should be shaved for the most successful and dense result.

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