Buttock Augmentation Types

Types of Buttock Augmentation

Formation of the cut (Butt Prosthesis)

Close to the upper parts of the butt cheeks, below the cheeks, or between the cheeks, one butt can be created on each butt cheek. Or a single incision can be made between the cheeks or between the cheeks.

Placement of Prosthetics (Butt Prosthesis)

Particularly for the butt, prostheses are placed on side, inside the muscle or on the gluteal muscle. The method for placing the prosthesis and adjusting its position depends on the type of prosthesis, the amount of volume increase desired, your body structure and the recommendations of your surgeon.

Closure of the incisions (Butt Prosthesis)

The incisions are covered with a layered suture in the butt tissue, with a suture, skin adhesive or surgical tape on the skin.
Results (Butt Prosthesis):
The results of the butt enlargement operation are determined immediately after the surgery. Over time, the swelling that develops after the surgery goes down and the incision marks begin to become obscured.

Liposuction (Brazilian Butt)

Liposuction is performed with small unnoticed incisions. First, local anesthesia is diluted to the site to reduce bleeding and trauma. A thin, empty tube is then inserted into the incisions and the excess oils are loosened by the forward-back controlled movements. The displaced oils are then removed from the body by a syringe placed in the tube or a surgical vacuum.

Oil Injection (Brazilian Butt)

Liposuction removes fat, tissue and blood from the body. The syringes are then attached to a special cannula. Your surgeon, through this cannula, injects the treated fat into your butt in the form of small injections. Usually one to three oil is injected into the butt.

Results (Brazilian Butt)

The results of the butt enlargement operation will be determined immediately after the surgery, but the final version takes place 1 year after the operation. The results of this procedure are natural and feels natural as well. However, the volume of the butt may decrease over time. Part of the volume obtained immediately after the operation is lost as a part of the fat is absorbed by your body (on average, 60-80% of the injected fat is permanent. As you get more better and realize your desire to have a more bulky butt, your satisfaction with your new look will increase. If you gain or lose weight, the result obtained by surgery may change. Because the transferred oil can also be reduced or enlarged, like oils in other parts of your body.

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