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Frequently asked questions

Vertical or Short Trace Breast Reduction

In the short-run procedure, an incision is used that surrounds the region of the nipple / nipple circumference and extends vertically towards the bottom of the breast. With this approach, avoiding a horizontal incision under the breast, it reduces the total length of the surgery permit by 50%, more aesthetically superior, more natural-looking and more rounded result. The most suitable candidates are women with medium-sized breasts.

Am I a Candidate for Breast Reduction Surgery?

Breast reduction is a safe and effective option for women with large and heavy breasts. Women with very large breasts (usually D and above) may experience physical pain and discomfort as well as being unhappy with their images. Very large breasts can cause back and shoulder pain, skin irritation, traces of bra strap, posture problems, and limitations on physical exercise. The interview with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is the first step to understand whether you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure.

Can I smoke before the operation?

Because oxygen cannot reach the incision sites very quickly, smokers may experience a longer recovery period, a higher risk of infection, and a negative scar. You should stop smoking at least 2 weeks before the operation.

How is the operation is done?

The tip of the nipple forms an incision that surrounds the dark area around it and descends vertically downwards. Reduces the size of each breast by taking excess breast tissue, fat and skin. Reshape the nozzle, repositioning the nipple and the dark area around it. Nipple and the dark area around It usually remains attached to the breast.
If your breasts are too large, they may need to separate from the breast and reposition them to a higher position.
Your surgeon will strive to provide symmetry between your breasts, but some differences may arise between the sizes and shapes of the breasts. The size of the dark area around the nipple may also be reduced in operation. Your scars will fade over time, but they never disappear completely.

What to Expect from Breast Reduction?

The results of your breast reduction surgery will be long lasting. Your new breast size can increase your confidence and satisfaction with the shape of your body, as well as alleviate the pain and physical limitations you experience before surgery.

Post Operation

Immediately after the operation, gauze is placed over the incisions and the nipples are wrapped with an elastic bandage or supported by a special surgical bra. In some cases, a small tube can be placed on each breast for a few days to remove blood and accumulated fluid. Stitches are taken within 1-2 weeks. Most women experience breast pain for the first few days after surgery. Afterwards, there is a milder discomfort for 1 week or more. Medications can help relieve pain.

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