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Hair Mesotherapy

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What is Hair Mesotherapy?

Hair mesotherapy is a medical method used to prevent hair loss and strengthen weak hair by injecting medicinal pharmacological drugs into the scalp, after a certain period,  the follicles become strong and the coming-out hair is healthy as a result of mesotherapy.

These medical drugs are used for the development of the hair, with specific doses and special needles injected into the skin. The hair mesotherapy is done to the desired area. Hair mesotherapy is a very high strengthening method, it takes effects after a few weeks of transplantation, and the hair starts to produce in 6 months.


In which conditions the hair mesotherapy can be done:

• General hair loss for men
• Hair loss due to the aging
• Hair loss due to the giving birth women
• General hair loss for women
• In case of hair loss caused by diseases such as Psoriasis.

After the operation

After the operation

Mesotherapy allows the hair to grow and strengthen the existing weak hair.

In cases such as pregnant women, cancer disease, hair mesotherapy is not applied. Concerning other diseases, the opinion of the experts is very important, the decision of the doctor is decided as a result.

The hair mesotherapy is applied once a month in 12 months period, in this period, there is no abnormality in the hair or the head, the life is continued.

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