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Breast Reduction

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What is Breast Augmentation?

A breast reduction operation is an aesthetic surgery that reduces the size and weight of large and heavy breasts and creates more aesthetically pleasing, more suitable lines to the patient’s body.

Taking surplus breast tissue, fat and dangling stretched skin, the surgeon not only makes the breasts smaller, lighter and tighter, but also corrects sagging and the breast asymmetry. While many patients have breast reduction surgery to get rid of physical problems such as back, neck and shoulder pain, the aesthetic benefits of the operation are important as well.

In breast reduction surgery, excess skin, fat and cloth tissue are removed through incisions created on the breasts. The excess oil can also be obtained by liposuction as well as different excision techniques.

Image by Jan Kopřiva

Am I a candidate for breast reduction surgery?

Breast reduction is a safe and effective option for women with large and heavy breasts. Women with huge breasts (usually D and above) may experience physical pain and discomfort as well as being unhappy with their images. Very large breasts can cause back and shoulder pain, skin irritation, traces of bra strap, posture problems, and limitations on physical exercise. The interview with a qualified and experienced plastic surgeon is the first step to understand whether you are an appropriate candidate for this procedure.

What to expect from breast reduction?

The results of your breast reduction surgery will be long-lasting. Your new breast size can increase your confidence and satisfaction with the shape of your body, as well as alleviate the pain and physical limitations you experience before surgery.

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