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Rhinoplasty Operation

In nose aesthetic surgery, the important target is to ensure that the nose is in a harmony with the face as well as being beautiful. Rhinoplasty is a sophisticated operation that requires millimeters of precision, but with near-perfect results with good education, ability, art vision at work. 


With the Rhinoplasty operation, distortions in the nose can be corrected and an aesthetic appearance can be obtained and the breathing problems can be corrected in the same operation. Some noses need to reduce the excess of the belt, while others may need to increase the nasal cavity; some noses may be too long, some others may be too short. Target; face, chin and cheekbones in the same harmony with other regions, natural looking with a beautiful looking nose.

There is 3 ways to go with rhinoplasty:

Closed Rhinoplasty

For closed rhinoplasty, incisions are made in the nostril. This approach is commonly used for patients needing more minor adjustments to achieve the desired improvements in nasal structures. The advantage of closed rhinoplasty is that there is no visible wound formation after surgery.

Open Rhinoplasty

For an “open” Rhinoplasty, a small incision is made between the nostrils. This approach allows the plastic surgeon to easily access the nose structure to fit the nose into the desired shape. The resulting wounds are concealed by the natural lines of the nose so that they are not as noticeable as possible.


Tiplasty refers to reshaping space rather than incision techniques. As you can imagine, the purpose of a tip last is to reshape only the tip of the nose without affecting other nasal structures. The aesthetic surgeon can use the open or closed approach for otoplasty.

Am I a good candidate for rhinoplasty?

Aesthetic nose surgery is a highly individualized procedure with the best results obtained by an in-depth consultation with your plastic surgeon. Although almost all kinds of physical changes are possible with cosmetic nose surgery at Vanity Clinic, it is aimed to find the best approach to achieve a balanced result based on the unique characteristics of the nose.

18 or Older: Filtered individuals; generally, surgery is performed in 18 years and over individuals.

Realistic Goals: Individuals with specific but realistic goals in mind for improving a positive outlook and appearance.

Opinions of Patients

 Success in rhinoplasty depends on the aesthetic perspective and dexterity of the plastic surgeon more than success in other operations. It is crucial to consider whether the surgeon has a high aesthetic view and their experience surgical skills to have a successful operation and be satisfied with the results after the operation. Below we shared with you the opinions of some of the patients that underwent rhinoplasty operation at our clinic.


After the operation

Nasal aesthetic surgery is performed as you will be discharged on the same day with general anesthesia, but in some cases, local anesthesia may be appropriate with intravenous sedation. After the procedure, the buffer can be used. This prevents you from supporting your new remodeled nose and accidental contact. The tampon is usually removed in the first week after rhinoplasty. Your surgeon will give you painkiller medications to help minimize discomfort during your first recovery.

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