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What Are the Important Processes in Hair Transplantation?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

There are important processes before and after the operation in hair transplantation.

Before the Operation:

First of all, the operation to be performed with a good hair analysis should be planned correctly. If you have an important operation or an ongoing health problem, you should share it with the clinical doctor, then the operation should be planned accordingly.

You should not consume alcohol one week before the operation. This is crucial for the operation to be healthy. You need to get a good sleep the night before the operation day. Thus, a more comfortable operation is possible.

After the Operation:

Important periods are the first 10 days and the first 3 months after the operation.

The first wash and medical dressing process is done the next day of the operation. After that, you can return to your normal life. You should not touch your head for the first 10 days. After the 10th day, you need the shed the scabs occurring as the healing of the wounds. You should do this based on your doctor’s indications.

You should not do heavy work that requires effort and no heavy sports for the first month.

You should not enter the sea or pool for the first 3 months.

Hair transplantation is a whole process with before and after. You should follow the doctor’s and clinic’s recommendations.

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