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Why should you prefer Turkey for Hair Transplant?

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

Hair is an important source of self-confidence for both men and women. Hair loss may occur due to lifestyle and health problems. However; this is not a permanent problem.

With the developed medical technologies and a team of experts, hair transplantation, can give you the hair you miss and the image you dream of.

Hair transplantation, briefly; is the replacement of hair grafts onto the bald area from the area of above the nape and ears which don’t fall due to their genetic characteristics.

It lasts approximately 8 hours, starts to develop within 3 months, becomes detectable in 6 months and the operation gives the best result at the end of 1 year.

Hair transplantation nowadays is being performed all around the world. But the most important factor for a successful outcome is the experience and success rate of the operation team. Istanbul is an advantageous city for this. It offers you with a wide range of experienced specialists with many clinics.

As Este Prime Clinic, we guarantee you the best result with our 13 years of experience.

We have given the best results to thousands of customers, mostly coming from Europe, England, Canada, and many parts of the world.

As Este Prime, we are a boutique clinic. Since our priority is the best result, we give importance to the operation. Our experienced team determines the number of grafts needed to be transplanted and prepares you for operation. As Este Prime, we are with you as long as you are in Istanbul. We provide airport – hotel transfers, hotel – clinic transfers and we are with you whenever you need us.

Visit Marvelous Istanbul

You can make both hair transplantation and vacation. You can visit this historic city, which had been the capital of Rome, which connects two continents and crosses the sea and enjoy the colorful nightlife. If you are a taste hunter, Istanbul can be a paradise for you.

The rich traditional Turkish cuisine would satisfy you in advance.

Shopping Advantage

Istanbul is also a city of advantages for shopping. You can buy world brands at an affordable price by visiting the shopping malls established in many parts of the city. Besides, the Grand Bazaar, the oldest shopping center in the world, will surprise you with its diversity.

Hair Transplant operation needs 3 days which is standard in our package. If you want to visit Istanbul longer, just let us know. We make the necessary planning for you and give you recommendations.

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